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“Be Prepared and Save a Life”

Be prepared for an emergency! Stop in to pick up a first aid kit today – proceeds benefit the Big Foot Fund set up to provide care for stray and injured pets. Save a life today!

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  1. Dear Dr. Frost,
    You cannot imagine how wonderfully surprised we were upon reading your article in the Observer (6/10/12). Your remembrance of our precious Maddi-Lynn after so many months is a tribute to the loving, compassionate person that you truly are! We lament the loss of our sweet little girl every day with memories that are both happy and sad (her last year with us is so difficult for us to relect upon). We have recently begun to consider bringing a new “Boston baby” into our home. We don’t know if we could endure those inevitable final months, weeks, and days again. Reading your kind words has helped to reassure us that our decision on December 16, 2010 was the best chioce for Maddi. Please consider visiting Maddi at if you have the opportunity–she would welcome your visit! Simply cick on the residents tab, and enter her names as Maddi-Lynn.
    We want to wish you the very best as you prepare to welcome a new little one into your family!
    Dave & Sue Nicosia

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