This page is dedicated to those pets that we hold close in our hearts. Whether they are still with us or not, they will always be remembered. If you would like to honor your pet or post a dedication, please e-mail a short blurb +/- a picture of your pet to



Dutch (“the King”) Frost came into my husband Daryl’s life nearly 18 years ago the year he graduated high school. He was an adorable Beagle puppy and my husbands first dog. He used his Beagle nose and his Beagle howl well and when I said ‘yes’ to marrying my husband I was also saying yes to adopting Dutch as one of my own pets. He faithfully protected our home and family over the next 8 years and lived the rest of his senior years on his favorite recliner. He lived a long and happy life and our home will never be the same without him and his “howl”. He would have been 18 years old this January.



Lelu and Tsavo

Lelu (July 4th, 1998-April 21, 2011)
Tsavo (April 3, 2000-January 4, 2010)


Best buddies that can now be together again.  They meant the world to us.  They will always be in our hearts.

Barb and John Miller




Jeffrey (AKA Mr. Maybelline)- Jeff was adopted when he was about a year old. Extremely intelligent, he loved to learn new things and love everyone.  His mamma had 15 blessed years to spend with him, to love him, and learn with him before it was time for him to move on.





Maddi-Lynn –On August 12, 1998 Maddi entered our home for the very first time.¬† It did not take very long before she wrapped herself around our hearts for all eternity!¬† For most of her life Maddi was an energetic and playful member of our family.¬† She enjoyed her daily walks to the local park, her long Sunday afternoon rides, and her frequent trips to Pet Smart.¬† Maddi was very entertaining.¬† She provided us with a lifetime of great memories, including her famous ‚Äúbiscuit dance‚Äù.¬† She was loved by all who knew her and she returned that love one thousand times over with her affectionate, kind, comforting and very loyal demeanor.¬† As her health began to decline over the past few years, she was fortunate to have had access to the outstanding care provided by the Dunkirk Animal Clinic.¬† We are so grateful for their expertise and compassion in treating Maddi for a variety of health issues.¬† We love and miss Maddi-Lynn so very much but we know that her spirit is eternally with us.


Bigfoot (aka Toes) –¬†The staff of the Dunkirk Animal Clinic was saddened to announce the passing of Bigfoot from complications of liver disease. He was found as an injured stray kitten in 1993 and had been at the clinic ever since as our official greeter and mascot. He was a happy, curious, and sometimes mischievous cat who was blessed with 26 toes. Over the years, thousands of clients and patients got to know him. He had a good life and was well loved.

The Lake Shore Humane Society is accepting donations in his memory to help other stray, abandoned or disadvantaged pets. They can be contacted at P O Box 12, Fredonia, NY 14063 or their website: