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Maizy, Dr. Frost and Chili

Our crazy Maizy

Maizy joined our family at 4 months of age – all legs, hair, and drooly tongue. She was one of the newest fads, mixing two purebred dogs to try and get the best traits of both. She was a happy- go-lucky goldendoodle, one of eight pups from a golden retriever mother and standard poodle father. The goal of mixing the two was to get a non-shedding dog with both brains and personality, and boy, did Maizy have the personality!

As she continued to grow, she never really got used to her long lanky legs. She would run across the yard after my kids, trip over her own feet, and land on her back. She would come down the stairs from our bedroom, miss a step, and go head first down the flight of stairs “clunk, clunk, clunk!” Besides knocking the kids over accidentally on occasion, she was always good with them, allowing my 3-year-old daughter to grab her by the hair on top of her head and lead her to trouble.

“Come on, Maizy,” my daughter would say. “Let’s go!”

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