November 2017 – Observer Today Article

Pets we are thankful for

By Dr. Rebekah Frost

“Stella” was a starved calico- and white-spotted young female kitty that was found wandering on one of our employee’s porches. She was skin and bones and desperate for love and attention. She was brought to the clinic and immediately took a liking to Miranda, one of our veterinary technicians. Upon examination and testing, we found that Stella was carrying four different types of parasites. With medications, food, and some tender loving care, she gained weight and became a healthy loveable cat enjoying her new home with Miranda. Her favorite things to do is eat and cuddle!





“Licky” is our big black clinic cat. He gets his name because his tongue is always hanging out of his mouth. We adopted him from a dear client who was having health issues. When he came to stay with us, he weighed almost 25 pounds. He was so overweight, he would literally roll himself across our floors to get himself somewhere. He was on long-term medications for asthma and a collapsed lung lobe. He was the poster child for obesity and we were able to get him down to a weight of 13 pounds with a special prescription diet food. Unfortunately, in the last year we discovered that Licky had acquired cancer in his nasal sinus. He has undergone radiation therapy and is on lifelong medications and we will love him as long as he is with us!


“Benny” was found on our doorstop and left for dead. He was a tiny, little black and white kitten with a broken neck and a heart condition. We were able to bring him back and he became a happy and loveable kitten. He is partially paralyzed but that doesn’t stop him from getting around and living a normal cat life. He has been living with Kathy our surgical technician for the past seven years! His favorite part of the day is when his mom comes home to cuddle him. He also enjoys watching the woodchucks out his window.



“Claire” was brought to us by the Lakeshore Humane Society. She had been abused as a five-month-old puppy and had two broken legs that healed at abnormal angles without any medical care. Her front leg required amputation and she spent her recovery period in Dr. Frost’s home. She decided that this home was for her, and she hasn’t left since! She now spends her days sleeping on the couch, she cuddles between Dr. Frost and her husband at night and she enjoys walks and playing with Dr. Frost’s other dogs.




“Gilbert” was also brought to us by the Lakeshore Humane Society. He was a young Rottweiller mix puppy with a broken leg. He was left outside tied up at his previous owner’s home with no medical care for his broken leg. He received proper care and casting at our clinic and ended up going home with Alex, one of our veterinary technicians. He is a spoiled rotten baby and enjoys spending his time on the couch with his feline companions Peach and Poof. He also enjoys playing with his dog friend Karma and lying in the sun.

We are thankful for these pets that have come into our lives. We are also thankful that God has given us the talents and the means to help these pets in need of love, care, and homes! Our lives have been forever changed because of these and many more wonderful pets that come into our care in this profession. Please consider helping pets in need by donating to your local shelters!

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