July 2016 – Dr. Frost’s Observer Today Article




Saying Goodbye

By Dr. Rebekah Frost - OBSERVER Columnist

The day has come to say goodbye
Memories of you run through my mind
The day we got you, the challenges we faced
The joy you brought into our lives
Your wagging tail, your sloppy kisses
The companionship and loyalty you provide
And now I watch you lying there
Your body failing and in pain
We know the decision must be made
It’s just so hard to let you go

I look up at you and wonder why
You have tears welling in your eyes
You are my leader, and my forever friend
I can sense there is something amiss
I cannot run and greet you anymore
My legs just don’t work the same
But I will always be by your side
Through whatever you must face
I painfully stand up and follow you to the car
I have to be lifted into the seat
We travel down the road
And pull into the place I know so well.

I look at my schedule and wonder why
I have to again help an owner say goodbye
This is an appointment that I always dread
But I know I will be helping relieve the pain
I try to pull my emotions together
And walk into the room with chart in hand
I know this dog and owner well
I have been there through
Every year of this dog’s life
The dog comes up and gives me kisses
He rests his head on my chest as I kneel to pet him
The tears start to well in my eyes
I do not want to say goodbye
But I have to be strong for what is to come
The sedation must be given
You fall so peacefully asleep
We know that your pain is now relieved
One last injection and one last breath
We know you have left us in this world
The tears are flowing, but the memories will remain
With each pet we say goodbye to
A piece of my heart goes with them forever
You will always be remembered here
As if you were one of our own.

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