The Fear Free movement

April 2018 Observer Today Article By Dr. Rebekah Frost My youngest son Colton is 5 years old and has learning disabilities. From the time he started going to the dentist, he was fearful of this place with the loud noises and the strange people poking and prodding in his mouth. Just recently a new pediatric dentist […]

Common Nutrition Misconceptions

March 2018 Observer Today Article One of the most common questions I get from owners in the field of veterinary medicine is, “What should I be feeding my pet?” Owners are inundated with a constant flow of commercials and online advice regarding what they should be feeding their pet. One look in our local pet […]

February 2018 Observer Today Article

Dental health important to pets By Dr. Rebekah Frost Every year at the Dunkirk Animal Clinic, February rolls around and we prepare for one of our busiest surgical months of the whole year, Dental Health Month. Dental health is not only important in people but in your pets as well. Dental disease can start in pets […]

January 2018 Observer Today Article

New year, new you and your pets By Dr. Rebekah Frost Many people this time of year jump back on the bandwagon of diet and exercise. At the Dunkirk Animal Clinic we see many pets that are in need of a diet and exercise plan. Below, I am going to discuss ways to help your pet […]

December 2017 Observer Today Article

Saying goodbye during the holidays By Dr. Rebekah Frost I come into work Monday morning and look at my schedule for the day. Not one, not two, but three euthanasias for the day. Immediately my mood shifts to a sense of sadness and dread as I approach my day as a Veterinarian at the Dunkirk Animal […]