September 2017 – Observer Today Article

Owners are best caregivers for animals By Dr. Rebekah Frost With social media readily available, many times things get blown out of proportion as more and more people comment and very easily share their opinions on certain matters. Sometimes these opinions are very emotionally driven especially when it comes to animals. As a veterinarian I try […]

August 2017 – Observer Today Article

Designer breeds: Are they for me? By Dr. Rebekah Frost Golden-Doodle, Labradoodle, Pomapoo, Puggle, Schnoodle, Chorkie, Chiweenie, Pomsky, and Cockapoo: these are just a few of the up and coming “designer” dog breeds that have become so popular in our society. Many people are now jumping on the bandwagon to purchase one of these designer breeds. […]

July 2017 – Observer Today Article

Helping your pets overcome anxieties By Dr. Rebekah Frost The Fourth of July has come and gone and with this holiday there were many discussions with pet owners and prescriptions were written in regard to one of the most common anxieties we deal with in our pets: Noise and Storm Phobias. Many dogs suffer this time […]

May 2017 – Observer Today Article

Veterinary spinal manipulative therapy — animal chiropractic By Justine Gugino   Many people see a chiropractor when experiencing back pain, headaches or even when they want to maintain general wellness. However, have you considered that your pet could benefit from spinal adjustments as well? During my studies, I began to wonder; if my spinal health […]

April 2017 – Dr. Frost’s Observer Today Article

Protect pets from their curiosity By Dr. Rebekah Frost – OBSERVER Columnist Happy Easter from the Dunkirk Animal Clinic! Our Easter traditions on this day include dressing up in our finest to attend an Easter Sunday church service, Easter egg hunting, and ham dinner with family to follow. Many people travel for vacation or to visit relatives. […]