Announcing January’s ‚ÄúBiggest Loser‚Äù Contest WINNER!

cat-cartoon-waving“The Cat Bastet” Rees lost a whopping 3% of her body weight thanks to a new diet of Hill’s Metabolic Food and to the dedication of her parents!

The Cat Bastet received a wonderful basket full of goodies and a DAC gift certificate.



February is National Pet Dental Health Month

We’d like to offer you something special!

bigfoot_computerThrough the month of February we are offering $25 off the price of your pet’s dental cleaning AND a free dental care item of your choice to take home after your pet’s procedure! That’s not all – we’ll give you 10% off all dental products including dental prescription foods.

Call today to schedule an appointment 366-7440!

January is Pet Obesity Awareness Month

We have some special things going on this month for your pet!

Has your pet put on a few pounds over the Holidays?  If so, the Dunkirk Animal Clinic would like to help you get your pet started on a weight loss plan today!


We are offering a 10% discount on all of our weight loss prescription  foods for first time buyers and will help you come up with a weight loss plan that best suits your pet. For those pets already on weight loss prescription foods like Purina OM, Hills w/d or Hills Metabolic, we are offering a 5% discount on your food purchase!

Dr. Frost’s latest article!

Think of Pets during the Christmas Season

dec 2013 observer todayThe Christmas season is here; a time for giving and receiving, helping those in need, and getting together with family and friends. During this busy time, it is important to remember our pets and include them in the festivities, but at the same time take necessary precautions to keep them healthy and safe.

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nips_bandana_DACOur pets are also at risk for developing breast (mammary) cancer!)

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Pink Ribbon Campaign, we here at the Dunkirk Animal Clinic have started a Pink Ribbon Campaign For Pets. By sending home all pets spayed in the month of October with a special Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Bandana, we hope to raise awareness that mammary cancer can also affect our four-legged friends. More importantly, simply by spaying them at an early age (before their 1st heat cycle), we can GREATLY REDUCE their risk of developing mammary cancer!

Please help us get the word out about this devastating disease that also affects our canine and feline friends! Tell your friends, family, and co-workers that there are many benefits to spaying your pet at an early age, including the significant reduction in their risk of mammary cancer!

To add our support in the fight against breast cancer, we are donating a portion of the cost of each canine or feline spay done through the month of October, to breast cancer research.